Conference Debates What the Future Holds for Personalized Medicine

January’s Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) was a good way to kick off the year for industry observers interested in personalized cancer medicine and related topics. PMWC 2012 was held in Silicon Valley, California, and Jonathan Sheffi of Xconomy was among those on hand to capture the conversation. In his article titled “Four Themes to Watch in Personalized Medicine,” Sheffi shared some of those insights gleaned from the event.

Those themes, according to Sheffi, are:

  1. Greater optimism
  2. Great clarity from the FDA
  3. More sequencing
  4. More translational bioinformatics

The author also documented greater optimism surrounding this field, thanks to the approvals of two “major oncologic agents paired with companion diagnostics,” as evidence of “development processes and speedy approval timelines.” He noted the “major progress made in the quest to deliver the right drug to the right patient” as well.

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Sheffi wrote that, despite being understaffed when it comes to this area, the FDA reiterated its commitment to personalized medicine. Again, be sure to check out the entire article for a more extensive assessment of his views on personalized cancer medicine and the issues that surround it.

So what are your thoughts on some of the feedback from PMWC 2012? Do you agree with Sheffi’s assertions about some of the optimism surrounding personalized medicine and the higher level of involvement from the FDA?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below, and thanks as always for reading the DataBridge.