5 reasons why you shoul move from a paper to an electronic Trial Master File

An electronic master file or eTMF is a Trial Master File in electronic or digital format. It is a way of digitally capturing, managing, sharing and storing those essential documents and content from a clinical trial.

According to the Veeva 2016 Paperless TMF Survey 84% of companies prefer an eTMF system to a paper TMF but why?

5 reasons to choose to move from a paper to an electronic Trial Master File

  • Accessible – An eTMF can resolve the challenge of accessibility whilst remote working and on site where as with a paper TMF you have to physically be able to access the documents
  • Scalable – An eTMF has the ability to scale up easily as you become established particularly important in the international arena
  • Configurable – An eTMF allows you to configure a folder structure that suits your way of working
  • Compliant – An eTMF allows you to be inspection ready from the get go with a system built to the DIA reference model
  • Efficient – an eTMF can save you time and money with everything just at the click of a button. Upload your files using the drag and drop functionality and find what you need using the search bar.

Still unsure about what an eTMF is and if you need one? Check out our blog for more information