Whether you're planning a project, running a trial or running multiple projects across assets or indications, Nucleus can support your clinical development

Clinical development cycle

Select a stage in the life cycle to see which aspects of Nucleus will be of value to you

Trial planning and initiation Discovery Pre-clinical Proof of concept Ph II-III Submission for approval Post marketing/ feedback from patient Registries
Trial planning and initiation
Proof of concept
Submission for approval
Post marketing/feedback from patient

What you need

Data Collection

Collect, manage and report your clinical data from a single, scalable system

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Data on Demand

Powerful, real-time, ad-hoc reporting. Create, schedule and share reports with your team

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Patient Engagement

Communicate and share information with patients to ensure good engagement and retention

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Document Collaboration

Share and collaborate on documents via Nucleus, a single compliant environment

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Team Communication

Quick and easy communication with instant browser messaging

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Light eTMF

Automatic creation of TMF reference model 3.0 folder structure for compliant repository needs

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Self Service Support

Online Knowledge Base to guide you through getting started and getting more value out of Nucleus

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Access to Multiple Technologies

Access your chosen technology via one compliant platform

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