Datatrial have been successful for the third year in a row with the G-Cloud application and will be a part of the G-Cloud 12 framework for the next 12 months. Our software solutions will be available to purchase through the framework and for further information about what we offer head to

What is G-Cloud 12?

G-Cloud 12 helps customers in the UK public sector find and buy cloud computing services. The G-Cloud framework is managed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS). CCS is an executive agency and trading fund of the Cabinet Office of the UK Government. Their role is to improve the government’s commercial and procurement activity.

Through our work with the NHS, supporting the Advanced Therapy Centres by meeting physicians digital technology needs, it has become apparent that the emphasis for the future is on Government collaboration with industry partners.  The key lessons we have learned from our experience are the challenges around agreeing commercial agreements and pricing.  G-Cloud 12 helps to simplify the procurement procedure with their 6-step buying process and standard agreement and call-off

Julie Wright, Commercial Director
What are the benefits of G-Cloud 12?

The whole point of G-Cloud is to create a way for the public sector to procure technology easily, and quickly. Where normal tender process can take months, G-Cloud can be cut down to weeks and, in some instances, days. This is all because of the ability for buyers to directly award contracts in some cases!

Where can I find suppliers?

G-Cloud use a platform called the Digital Marketplace and you don’t need to register to use this service. On here you have access to over 30,000 services and over 4,000 suppliers. Services are scalable, pay for what you use and increase or reduce what you need easily.