Datatrial have recently been awarded work with a third Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre, Midland and Wales. This now means that Datatrial are a part of three ATTC’s across England and Wales.

The MW-ATTC (Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre) aims to create patient and product process maps that capture all the steps involved, from initial referral through to follow-up. This will include identifying estates, technical, clinical, operational, governance and educational resources in order to develop and establish both current and future ‘standard’ specifications for the routine delivery of ATMP therapies.

Datatrial specifically are working on the PROmics project (patient reported outcomes) within The MW-ATTC to store, combine and allow interrogation of both clinical and patient reported data. It is a great opportunity to now be working with all three ATTC’s to make a real difference to patient’s access to data.