Datatrial’s involvement in the NAATTC project

In March 2018, Datatrial were approached by the Northern Alliance Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre (NA-ATTC) to help with the technology piece as part of the project to help accelerate the adoption of Advanced Therapies.

Datatrial have been a valued partner of the Northern Alliance Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre since 2018, working towards the goal of accelerating patient access to ATMPs. During this time the Datatrial team have contributed by providing access to their clinical data software Nucleus and developing a patient app for those undergoing Advanced Therapy treatment.

This work has been critical to the success of the project and the team have produced a video highlighting their work so far. We’d like to thank them for their continued support.

Finn Willingham, Operations Manager, NA-ATTC

Since the project started Datatrial have then gone on to develop the patient engagement app to equip patients with more in depth knowledge of their cell and gene therapy treatment and visits as well as providing visibility of other patients experiences. As advanced therapy is a relatively new medical approach there may be some misconception surrounding this treatment.  The app is intended to offer some reassurance and information to both patients and their carers.

 ‘Thank you to Donna and the AHSN team for helping to pull this together.  It was a great opportunity for me to showcase the work that we at Datatrial have been working on as part of the NA-ATTC project.  Working with Finn and with the support of the Project Management team has opened doors for us that traditionally would have been difficult to access. I would recommend checking out similar opportunities that may be on offer via IUK in the future’

Julie Wright, Commercial Director, Datatrial