Capture and collate your trial data with nowEDC

Our electronic data capture platform allows your clinical team to capture, collate and report your research data in one combined EDC and reporting system.

Empower Your Study Team With Datatrial nowEDC

Data integration

Data for your CRF may come from many sources including hospital systems or other devices. We will work with you to combine these sources of information into your nowEDC study, or help you package them alongside your clinical data.


As standard with nowEDC the built-in reporting tool allows you to view your data on demand in a digestible way by scheduling reports to be emailed directly to you. You can create powerful custom visualizations based on data sets defined in your study for fast data insight.

Medical Coding

Standalone or Integrated into your EDC tool - Nucleus Coding allows your clinical team to code against both MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries following a fast and efficient workflow. Auto-code or manually code terms as required, and push those terms though review to approval to ensure quality in your final datasets.

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nowEDC Features

Flexible Study Structure

Adaptive visit structure allows for more flexible trial design as your study changes.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Create powerful custom visualizations based on data sets defined in your study for fast data insight.

Adaptive Visit Design

Automatically trigger switches in visit and page structure based on study location, or progress via custom page triggers.


From a small patient set, to hundreds of sites, scale your study over time and only pay for the user activity you need.

Task Driven Workflow

Users can efficiently control and access the activities they need to do first, via built in task indicators.

Efficient Data Cleaning

Data cleaning is performed via a task based workflow, allowing simple and efficient communication between study teams.

Simple Data Entry

Empower your sites to enter data fast and efficiently using a tool they will love.

Inline Study Help

Standardized or study specific page help can be displayed inline with CRF data, enabling users to solve common queries themselves.

'Datatrial delivers requirements within timeframe with quality. Datatrial always offer efficient solutions where necessary working collaboratively with Ziopharm to achieve a desirable output. Overall we feel like the system works well for Ziopharm in terms of budget, reporting and ease of use for users.'