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When you are faced with making a difficult decision it always helps to have access to guidance and a second opinion.

Our white papers are aimed toward helping you see how we’ve handled common challenges and help you understand issues, solve problems and hopefully guide you in your decision making.

Our white papers will also provide some great examples of how we have collaborated with customers in the past who may have had similar challenges to you. 

If you’d like to learn more about our technology and product offering or if you have an issue that we haven’t yet covered either here or in our case studies then contact us today. 


With drug development costs soaring even as approval rates dwindle, the search for value-driven process changes has reached frantic levels. Many sponsors...

Do cloud solutions meet regulatory expectations? Ensuring you feel truly comfortable about putting your clinical data in the cloud might take some convincing...


Technology advances when experts are free to find and develop solutions collaboratively – this is how we work


We always aim to provide high quality clinical data collection and reporting because we know how important your data are.

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