Medical coding for MedDRA and WHODrug made easy

Nucleus Coding enables dictionary term coding against both MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries, either in our standalone application, or integrated into your data capture system.

Streamline your dictionary coding process with Nucleus Coding

Nucleus Coding performs automated medical coding against MEDDRA and WHODrug dictionaries.

Dictionary Management

Manage versions and available dictionaries per study, to fit with your study protocol.

WHODrug Global

WHODrug dictionary support to allow coding against medicinal product information. Just choose the dictionary version you require.


Code against medical terminology given in the MedDRA database.

Automated term matching

Terms are matched automatically where possible against the selected dictionary. Term names and non-unique drug names can be set up to auto code and be reviewed if required.

Term Review Queue

Once coded, terms can be placed into a review queue for independent oversight of coded terminology. Review, Approve, Reject and Re-Code terms via the same intuitive selection process.

Dictionary Explorer

Search inside dictionaries to help look up terms or identify items that require re-coding. Browse for both unique and non-unique terms and their related structures.

Standalone or Integrated

Nucleus Coding can be used standalone or integrated into your EDC tool or data capture framework.

Public API (Application Programming Interface)

Use our publicly accessible and documented APIs to interrogate your coded data or directly code against dictionaries.

Save Yourself Time By Using Nucleus

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