Out of the box Document Management

Nucleus Documents enables document management and version control for your quality documentation and media. Control, manage, and share company content with ease.

Nucleus Documents

Take Control of your Documents with Datatrial Nucleus

Nucleus Documents helps your organisation and virtual teams access, manage and store their documents in a controlled and secure environment, from anywhere.

Version Management

Manage versions of documents directly within Nucleus. Each document can store an unlimited number of versions, each tracking when and who modified the item.

Document History

Every item stored for your organisation shows a full history of changes, as well as updates to its status over time.

Granular Access Controls

Access can be granted per item to one or more users or groups, and restricted in the same way. Combine permissions per item or on a folder level to provide more advanced access levels.

Categorize with Document Tagging

Keep track of your documents via an intuitive tagging scheme. Mix and match tags to make searching and cataloging items fast and efficient.

Content Search within uploaded documents

Powerful full content search, backed by Microsoft Azure, allows you to search inside your documents to quickly find the content you are looking for.

All documents Encrypted by default

Its your data, and we want to help you keep it that way. All files uploaded to Nucleus are stored encrypted at rest.

Separate User and Organisation documents

Multiple document drives allow each user their own private file repository, while your organisation can keep its documents accessible via a central drive.

Two Factor Authentication

Enable Two Factor Authentication per account, or enforce for your entire organisation, keeping your documents and data secure.

Save Yourself Time By Using Nucleus

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