‘The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life’ – Bill Gates

Quite recently we asked all our Datatrial colleagues to help us review our company value statements.  One thing that they were passionate about was the development of software that makes people’s lives easier.  Not just innovation for the sake of it, there has to be some benefit to be had from it.

So, where do we start with finding out what would make the lives of our customers easier.  Firstly we just have to ask! Looking through my notes from customer meetings it was easy to pick out some of the key words that pointed to ‘simplifying the day to day’. 

Single source – collaboration – centralised (people, process, documents) – simple – easy access – instant – communication – smart – secure

According to a survey by KNect365 ‘Technology is already playing a massive role in improving many aspects of trials and is rightly seen as one of the great hopes for future. However, with it, there are a whole raft of new challenges facing those running, participating in and regulating trials. As one respondent put it: ‘With technology, so much is happening so fast, the challenge is how to select and use the RIGHT technology, and for that technology to gain the acceptance of patients, healthcare professionals and regulators.’ 

That’s why when we set about developing Nucleus the scope came from the conversations we had had with our customers.  Operating in the life science sector meant they were accustomed to sourcing compliant and regulated software products, that was a taken as given. Built in a compliant environment Nucleus hits the spot for many of the persistent challenges we face every day.  But what were voted the top 3 asks that would make people’s lives easier on a daily basis? 

  1. A hub for collaboration on clinical programmes and documents
  2. A central access point for information and technologies
  3. Real time messaging to improve team communication

So whats the solution? Nucleus. Try our clinical development cycle to see how Nucleus could add value for you. Watch out for the next piece on how we helped our customers manage the change of bringing a new solution into their organisation.