Industry experts both within your organisation and outside of your organisation are vital to the development and success of your business. Industry experts are so much more than just education and experience they also have an engaged network whether that be through their online presence or through networking at conferences etc.

As the global life science industry continues to grow, competition among companies is greater than ever. In order to stay competitive companies need to keep one eye on the market trends and another on their competitors- this can be challenging. For Datatrial specifically, a software company operating in the life science industry, it is our time to shine. As we move to an electronic way of life this is no different in the life science industry with the introduction of many electronic clinical trial applications such as electronic case report forms (CRFs), electronic patient reported outcomes, electronic data capture etc. However although we might have been ahead of the curve with our latest development Nucleus, many competitors have also seen this shift in trend meaning although there might be a greater demand for our products, there are now also more competitors offering similar solutions.

So, what do industry experts have to do with this?  If you did not already know, Datatrial is included in three Advanced Therapies Treatment Centres (ATTC) established throughout the UK and funded by Innovate UK. As part of the iMATCH project Datatrial are working with Aptus Clinical, an industry partner also working on the project but also an industry expert within the life science sector, to develop an eTMF system deployed through Nucleus. Aptus Clinical are a specialist UK-based Clinical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with particular expertise in oncology, rare diseases and advanced, cell and gene therapies. They have decades of experience in delivering complex and innovative trials, transforming potential into value, with a large pool of their employees ex AZ experts (one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world).

Aptus Clinical’s industry exposure has helped Datatrial to build an eTMF system, which is intended to provide a cost effective and efficient solution for use in early phase clinical trials and is currently being used for the exemplar study in the iMATCH project. Their experience using similar systems of its type has helped to distinguish pros and cons which has ultimately helped shaped Nucleus eTMF. Sometimes in software, it is hard to develop a product when you have little exposure to competitors systems so having an industry expert available to help co develop has been invaluable.

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